In Wisconsin waters, if you were born on or after January 1, 1989,
you're required to complete a boating safety course to legally
operate a motorized boat or personal watercraft (PWC).  Anyone
is eligible to take a boating safety class and receive a safety
education completion certificate, although the certificate is not
valid for a child until he or she is 12 years old.
With this safe boating course, you'll be on the
certificate in just a few fun hours. This official
online course has the same boating safety
content as the Wisconsin Department of
Natural Resources classroom course.

Pay $29.50—one time only, after you pass.
Click "Boating Safety" link to see:
* Interactive animations put you in the driver's
seat—casting off and docking, rescue
techniques, the "Circle of Death" and many
* Fast progress through the material—move
quickly through the super-short, easy-to-
comprehend learning segments
* More than an hour of streaming video
segments featuring award-winning actress
Roni and many exciting on-the-water action
Boating Safety Class (1):
Boating Safety Class (2):
click above "boat exam" link to see new
narrated animations

Cost:  $29.99

This online boating safety course is
approved by the Wisconsin Department of
Natural Resources. Successfully completing
this course will allow you to obtain your  
Wisconsin Boating Safety Certificate.
Click on the two on-line classes listed below
to see which is the best fit for your child

New Requirement: All Recreational Safety
Students must now provide a DNR Customer ID
Number to your instructor before completing
any safety class. Get your number by calling
DNR's Customer Service at 1-888-936-7463
between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. or visit a DNR
Service Centers.